About me...

Well… I’m not used to talk about myself, but as I’m asked to do so (who by? ô.o), I’ll do it…

First of all, my name is Leroy Kevin… I’m 24 and I used to live in Belgium.

People are used to say that I’m an aspiring writer, a lover of the arts, a geek or a nerd, someone who always stay on my computer in order to work or to learn new things about graphic design programs and so on…

But that’s not actually true! In fact, I LOVE being random! I always try to make people smile, ’cause smiling is the most important thing in our lifes, isn’t it? Well, Love is waaay more important too, but in everyday life, smile is… Well, okay, Love is the most important, I admit it.

Oh wait, I had to talk about myself! See? I’m not good at talking about myself! At all!

So… Yeah, I love Animes, VFXs, Graphic Design, strawberries, Photoshop, writing, music… Photoshop… And… hmm… And Photoshop! :D

My favorite programs are Photoshop (no, seriously?), Illustrator and After Effects. I also love Microsoft Word, to write.

I actually wrote two… oh no, three books. One is called ‘La dernière Aube’ (‘The last Dawn’ in English), the second one is a collection of Poetry, and the third one is called ‘Oklainis I’.

Well, I think that’s enough for now~!

I hope you’ll like my works and don’t forget to leave a comment! ;)